Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Celebrations" Presents Diwali Special Candles !!

Dear Friends and Family,

With the support of family and friends, I am venturing into an entire new area. I am introducing a new concept in candles – **All natural**, **Handcrafted**, **Handpainted**, **Designer** Candles. What else would be a more perfect occasion than Festival of Lights – Diwali ? My very first Theme !!

I am organizing a booth for sale of these special Candles in Irvine Mandir during the Raas – Garba Celebrations – October 3rd & 4th @ 7.30 PM.

A SPECIAL OFFER for my friends :) - since this is a special edition and many people have shown interest – I am taking pre-sale orders in case you are interested.

ONLY $20.00 for a set of four !!Each Set comes with specially designed packaging, suitable for occasion.

* Limited Edition. These candles are not available in any store *
** Great for use as Diwali Gift **

Each candle is:
!! Individually Handpainted - special Diwali Designs!! Colorful wax – different color in each container
!! Lightly Scented
!! Up to 30 hours of burn time
!! Candles are made out of Soy Wax.
!! Soy Wax is Eco-friendly, GREEN, soot free, biodegradable and water soluble – spills clean up very easily with a little soap and hot water.
!! Reusable container as the wax completely burns clean.

Place your order *Now* to Celebrate the Occasion !!I guarantee that no two candles are same and made specially for YOU !!

To order send Email –

Warm Regards,
Prerana Kulkarni

Here is the slideshow of the event:

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