Monday, April 8, 2013

Down the Shady Path

I painted this from Susan Sarback's book titled - Capturing Radiant Light & Color. It had been long time I had not tried out any demo from this book, so it was fun doing it.
After finishing and signing the painting, I felt I should have painted the first tree on the right, a little more shady; Painted a man sleeping under that tree with a basket on his side; and a few monkeys on tree with caps on. It would be a perfect illustration of the story "Cap seller and the Monkeys". Do you know this story? Ok, see the painting first and I have the story below it for you to read.

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Down the Shady Path - 8x10 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
Here's the story:  Cap seller and the Monkeys
Once a cap-seller was going to sell his caps in a village market. He was going through a forest. He was carrying a basket of caps on his head. It was very hot and he was tired, so he lay down under a tree to take rest. He put his basket on the ground. He fell asleep.
There were monkeys on that tree. They came down and took the caps. Then they climbed on the tree. When the cap-seller woke up, he was surprised to see that all the caps were gone from the basket. He looked up on the tree and saw monkeys were wearing his caps. He became sad. He thought of a plan. He threw his own cap on the ground. The monkeys also threw down their caps. He collected his caps and went away.
Moral: Wit works where strength fails.


  1. Hi Prerana,

    What a beautiful painting! I love the colors in particular. And the story adds another dimension to it.


  2. Very attractive colors Prerana!
    This story was rendered in a beautiful narration by my grand father to my son whenever he asked for the topiwallah kathe, made me nostalgic!

    1. Padmaja, I love this story and this is the only one I could narrate to my daughters without a book. They make fun of me! :)

  3. Ha haha, I love that story ! And now I can see what you mean by painting a man sleeping and some monkeys in the trees:-) But even with out this the painting is awesome with such beautiful colors and painted with great freedom. xx


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