Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wild Flowers in Canadian Rockies - NFS

In the summer of year 2008 (i.e last year) we had been to Calgary in Canada. It was the most exotic vacation we ever had !! We went to a National park which has one part on canadian side and the other in Montana, USA - Waterton National park (canadian side) and Glacier National park (US side). One of the days we went to hike in a hilly area. This was the most enjoying nature hike. As we walked the narrow path, we could hear birds and smell the fresh air of the rockies. Both sides of the path were wild flowers so beatifully swaying in the gentle wind. We stopped and sat down in these areas, trying to soak in the beauty of these wild flowers. I specially liked the radiant red flowers, looks somewhat like the paintbrush - take a look.
Hope you enjoy it !!
Love, Prerana
Wild Flowers of the Canadian Rockies
Sept 24, 2009.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Field of Flowers - NFS

It had been long time that I painted and I have a list of things I wanted to paint. So... I checked this one out on my list.
Enjoy this colorful field of flowers and imagine the sweet fragrance !!
Field of Flowers - Sept 13, 2009
Not for sale

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