Monday, March 18, 2013

Beach Blossom

Here's a new experiment... This is Oil Pastel on a simply a posterboard paper.
The 4x16 inches was requirement for the design of a lamppost banner competition in Laguna Beach City. I have submitted this design, because I love florals. Thinking of Laguna Beach, I always love to see these cactus blooms while strolling there on the hilltop overlooking the ocean. The results will be out next week and the selected designs will then be painted on 4x16 feet acrilon banner by the Artist. Once complete these banners will be displayed on the lamp posts in City of Laguna Beach. It is my first time trying out for such a thing... so lets see... 
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Beach Blossom - 4x16 inches, Oil Pastel on Paper

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow in Foothill Ranch

This is a result of one day "marathon" painting session. I had lot of fun doing the sky. I loved the contrast of light and dark in this painting and the inspiration photo too. And most of all I wanted to try paint a rainbow which I had never done before and did not know if I will have success painting it "wet in wet". I think it would have been easier if the underpainting was dry and then paint the rainbow over it - but I might try this next time. I am happy with this wet in wet result too. Everytime I put color in the rainbow, I thought I was going to ruin the whole painting... so I feel very accomplished after doing this.
I was in a time crunch too, since I had to submit this painting before the deadline time... I have submitted this painting for Viewpoints: Orange County juried exhibition, and keeping my fingers crossed until the results are out next Monday!
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Rainbow in Foothill Ranch - 14x11 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
Here is the inspiration photo. I cropped the original picture in the painting.. This is from the back of my office, on a rainbow day. The picture was clicked by my friend - Marilou:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rocks And Stream

Last Saturday - March 2nd, I participated in one day Watercolor workshop by renowned artist - Geri Medway. It was organized by Saddleback Art League. It is the first time I have taken watercolor class and I was so very happy. I came to know the importance of using good paper. I usually use Strathmore paper which is easily available, but the supply list strictly mentioned NO Strathmore... But after using Arches, I realized how wonderful the experience was using this paper, even though my brushes were not up to par! Good watercolor brushes are very very important as well.
There were 2 projects to choose from - Yellow Rose with lots of droplets and Rocks n Stream. My first impulse was to choose Rose, since I love florals. But I decided to use Rocks n Stream since there were different techniques to be learnt here. In the Rocks project, there was a great deal of negative painting and learning to create textures using resist, splattering using toothbrush, spray etc. I must say that my resist did not work quite well, so I could not get the water splashing against the rocks. In oils I would have done that as a last thing, but in watercolors the first was getting the watersplash right by using the resist. I am still very happy with the result. Below is my finished painting.
Now that I have professional watercolors and paper etc, I hope to indulge into watercolors whenever possible ...
click on image to view larger
Rocks And Stream - 11x14 inches, Arches Watercolor Paper

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