Monday, March 18, 2013

Beach Blossom

Here's a new experiment... This is Oil Pastel on a simply a posterboard paper.
The 4x16 inches was requirement for the design of a lamppost banner competition in Laguna Beach City. I have submitted this design, because I love florals. Thinking of Laguna Beach, I always love to see these cactus blooms while strolling there on the hilltop overlooking the ocean. The results will be out next week and the selected designs will then be painted on 4x16 feet acrilon banner by the Artist. Once complete these banners will be displayed on the lamp posts in City of Laguna Beach. It is my first time trying out for such a thing... so lets see... 
click on image to view larger
Beach Blossom - 4x16 inches, Oil Pastel on Paper


  1. It seems like the flower on an Aloe, and it is beautifully done, love how the green of the plant is full of yellow and reds, makes it look very real !


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