Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rocks And Stream

Last Saturday - March 2nd, I participated in one day Watercolor workshop by renowned artist - Geri Medway. It was organized by Saddleback Art League. It is the first time I have taken watercolor class and I was so very happy. I came to know the importance of using good paper. I usually use Strathmore paper which is easily available, but the supply list strictly mentioned NO Strathmore... But after using Arches, I realized how wonderful the experience was using this paper, even though my brushes were not up to par! Good watercolor brushes are very very important as well.
There were 2 projects to choose from - Yellow Rose with lots of droplets and Rocks n Stream. My first impulse was to choose Rose, since I love florals. But I decided to use Rocks n Stream since there were different techniques to be learnt here. In the Rocks project, there was a great deal of negative painting and learning to create textures using resist, splattering using toothbrush, spray etc. I must say that my resist did not work quite well, so I could not get the water splashing against the rocks. In oils I would have done that as a last thing, but in watercolors the first was getting the watersplash right by using the resist. I am still very happy with the result. Below is my finished painting.
Now that I have professional watercolors and paper etc, I hope to indulge into watercolors whenever possible ...
click on image to view larger
Rocks And Stream - 11x14 inches, Arches Watercolor Paper


  1. Quite a difficult subject, but you did very well ! And yes, the right gear is so important...Arches paper is magic :-)


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