Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow in Foothill Ranch

This is a result of one day "marathon" painting session. I had lot of fun doing the sky. I loved the contrast of light and dark in this painting and the inspiration photo too. And most of all I wanted to try paint a rainbow which I had never done before and did not know if I will have success painting it "wet in wet". I think it would have been easier if the underpainting was dry and then paint the rainbow over it - but I might try this next time. I am happy with this wet in wet result too. Everytime I put color in the rainbow, I thought I was going to ruin the whole painting... so I feel very accomplished after doing this.
I was in a time crunch too, since I had to submit this painting before the deadline time... I have submitted this painting for Viewpoints: Orange County juried exhibition, and keeping my fingers crossed until the results are out next Monday!
click on image to view larger
Rainbow in Foothill Ranch - 14x11 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
Here is the inspiration photo. I cropped the original picture in the painting.. This is from the back of my office, on a rainbow day. The picture was clicked by my friend - Marilou:


  1. Such a lovely moment well played with your colors, Prerana, I like your fauvism approach to this painting, wish you good luck with the selection!

  2. I love the dramatic coloring of the sky , and the rainbow really came out well. I can imagine you with the tongue held straight in your mouth terrified of ruining it :-) All the best of luck !

  3. Hi Prerana,

    I love your rainbow! It has a wonderful translucent quality to it, just like the rainbow in the photo. That must have been very difficult to achieve. Very nice indeed!


    1. John, Thanks, Well, now that I am done with the rainbow... it wasn't that bad!


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