Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Unity Candle Set

Something different... I made this Unity Candle Set a few weeks ago.

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Wedding Unity Candle Set
The Unity Candle Ceremony is a relatively newer custom in weddings in the United States. It symbolizes the union of two families - the Bride's and the Groom's families. The above is a slightly different version, but most times there are 3 candles - 2 taper candles (also called as starter candles) and one central large candle. During the ceremony, one representative from each family lights the taper candle. Then the Bride and the Groom light the central large candle together using the 2 taper candles, symbolizing the union of 2 families.

In my set, I used 2 large pillar candles ( 3 inches diameter and 6 inches height). Painted the candles using Acrylic paints and a protective coating overall on the candle. Rest is just putting it together using decorative maretials. Hope you liked it.


  1. Dint know about it, such a lovely concept and it is looking very meaningful.


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