Christmas is fast approaching and it is a time of joy, giving and sharing!! With that in mind I have created unique and colorful gifts for yourself or your family and friends.
All of the below items are created from my original paintings - All UNDER $20.00 !!
For purchasing email me : OR call/text 949-742-2579

Desk Calendar: $15.00
This colorful Desk Calendar will brighten your desk or it can be a great gift for an art lover on your list - whether it is a friend or family or teacher!! This calendar features some of my favorite oil paintings from this year. All original paintings are done on canvas panel and painted using palette knife, the texture can be seen on each printed image on the calendar.

Desk Calendar measures 8.27" x 3.74"
Premium, 80 lb. card stock with a glossy finish.

click on the image to view larger
Desk Calendar 2016 - glimpse of all pages

Wall Calendar: $20.00
Colorful and cheerful calendar will decorate your wall or office space. Each image is hand painted - original Oil painting done on Canvas panel and using palette knife. These are few of my favorite paintings done in this year. Original paintings are also available for purchasing.

Wall Calendar measures 11.00" x 8.50", and it is 17" when hanging on a wall.
This calendar comes in 100-lb. premium card stock, with a glossy coating.
Great gift for family, loved one or teacher - it will remind them of you all year long!!
Wall Calendar 2016 - cover page
click on image to view larger
Wall Calendar 2016 - glimpse of all pages

Note Cards:
$1.75 for one Notecard
$1.50 ea. for two or more Notecards. (Ideal gift for a teacher - create a set of 6 or 10 Notecards)
These note card designs are made from my watercolor or oil pastel paintings. They are blank inside, so you can write your own message.
Great for using as Thank You cards or any occasion cards - stock up for the year with these beautiful and UNIQUE designs.
These can also be great gifts for teachers when presented as a set.
Folded Note Cards measures 5.5" x 4" and comes with Envelope.

Gift Tags:

$0.50 for one Gift tag
$4.00 for set of 10 Gift Tags

It goes without saying that a present packaging for someone must have a gift tag. This gift tag is specially designed for Christmas presents and it features one of my original Oil Painting on front and the back side has To and From labels for you to personalize it!
It comes with a red glitter ribbon to tie a bow or for attaching it to your gift bag! It measures 2" x 3.5"
2 Designs are available as shown below, Front and back:

Poster: $20.00
This poster is from my original Oil Painting - White Cactus Bloom. It measures 11" x 17" and is printed on Glossy Paper.
click on image to view larger 
11 x 17 inches Poster, Created from my Original Painting - White Cactus Bloom

Coffee / Tea Mug: $15.00 for 1 mug
$25.00 Set of 2 Mugs
What a great way to start the day with tea or coffee in this specially bright and cheerful 11 oz. ceramic mug!
These are available in 3 designs; two of them with I love MOM and the third with fiery Tulip design.

1. Spring Flowers MOM WrapAround Mug: MugSpr#1
     This one is created from my watercolor painting - Summer flowers.

2. Mandala Design WrapAround Mug: MugMdl#2
    This 11 oz. ceramic mug is created from my oil pastel Mandala design.

3. Tulip WrapAround Mug: MugTul#3
    This 11 oz. ceramic mug is created from my oil painting - Fiery Little Tulip.

4. Spring Roses WrapAround Mug: MugRos#4
    This 11 oz. ceramic mug is created from my watercolor painting - Spring Roses -2.

3. Plumeria WrapAround Mug: MugPlm#5
    This 11 oz. ceramic mug is created from my watercolor painting - Exotic Pink Plumeria

Frameable Art Cards: $5.00 for one Card.
Set of 5 Frameable Art Cards: $20.00

The Frameable Art Cards are made from my original Oil Paintings. They are blank inside, so you can write your own message. Plus they are printed on heavy cardstock with a glossy finish, hence ideal for framing or displaying on a small easel!
They can be used for any occasion, there are 5 holiday prints included in this collection of 21 unique greeting cards.

These can be great collectable gifts for teachers or family.

Frameable Art Cards measure 5" x 7" and comes with Envelope. 


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