Friday, November 2, 2012

Dew Drops Dream - SOLD

I am dreaming... Early morning as I stepped out in the garden, I felt a refreshing breath. The air was filled with a combination of fragrance from roses and morning mist. I wondered where all the roses are, couldn't see a thing in the mist! As I walked in the direction of the fragrance, suddenly SURPRISE SURPRISE !!.... I was greeted by this beautiful Red Rose bud on my path. I admired the dew drops on it. Extended my arms to bring the Rose bud near me to see the dew drops closely. OH NO!.. a thorn pricked me on my finger and I was AWAKE. The garden quickly vanished from my thoughts and I hurried to get ready for a full working day.

But here is the Rose bud of my dream! Isn’t it beautiful?
click on the image to view larger
Dew Drops Dream - 5x7 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
This time I made sure to take pictures of my process:
Below is Stage 1 - the underpainting...
Dew Drops Dream - 5x7 inches, STAGE 1
 Next is Stage 2 - adding local colors
Dew Drops Dream - 5x7 inches, STAGE 2
 Stage 3 - Refining and adding variations to stage 2.
Dew Drops Dream - 5x7 inches, STAGE 3
Stage 4 is the final stage - adding more variations, highlights, I added the dew drops in this stage. See the very first picture of the final painting.

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