Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Reflections

Title: Down beneath
I haven't been able to think of a creative name for this painting. Any suggestions? Let me know.
We always draw and paint regular paintings, but this was fun to do upside down.
What is your impression - does it look like a reflection or an upside down painting?

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Garden Reflections - 24x18 inches, Oil on Hardboard panel
With this painting I have graduated myself to a little larger size. The most I have done so far is 20x16 inches, on readymade canvas board. This is 24x18 inches, this size was not available, so I bought hardboard in home depot, got it cut to this size. To prepare the board for painting, I primed it with 2 layers of liquitex gesso, both front and back. This is also to protect the board from moisture etc. It was a great experience to paint on this surface. I think I prefer this to premade canvas boards.


  1. Hi Prerana,

    I like the title of your painting and definitely think it looks like a reflection. Beautiful colors. The new surface seems to suit you!


  2. Down beneath is the title I would like to give this piece, when you see it with an eye to abstraction, I don't feel it looks like an upside down painting.Are hard boards cheaper than canvas, do they cut it for you?

    1. I love your title suggestion! Well Hardboard wasn't a whole lot cheaper since it was already precut, relatively smaller than the rest of the board types. Yes they cut it for me so I got 2 pieces out of it - 18x24 and 30x24. I have primed the second piece too, so hopefully this year I will get to this bigger piece also.

  3. To me Prerana it looks like an upside down painting because I don't see the vegetation that is being reflected. I turned my portable computer upside down and saw the painting the 'right' way , and I absolutely loved it ! I think padmaja came up with a great title ! xx


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