Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Roses - SOLD

I don't know if I was burnt out or what, but couldn't continue on Oil painting. So took a break for sometime and saw these beautiful Roses. I love painting flowers and I had not done watercolors for so very long! I love how watercolors create a magical effect when mixed.
For some reason, I have never mixed colors on palette. All my color mixing is done directly on paper in this case and on canvas directly when I am painting oils. The 2 colors laid side by side on paper using watercolor creates a magical effect. Its a surprise to see the effect when the painting dries up.
Also this is the first time I have painted this large size - 16x20 inches using watercolors. I think I should work with even larger paper now, its fun experimenting with this medium!
click on image to view larger
Spring Roses - 16 x 20 inches, on Arches paper
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