Monday, February 27, 2012

Common Coot with its Young

With this painting I have a riddle for you all. The young one of Duck is called Duckling, young of Hen is called Chick... Now here is a Common Coot - whats its young called? You can post your answers in the comments...
Spring is fast approaching, in US the official start of spring is on 20th March. So as you must have guessed, spring time is the inspiration for this painting.
click on the image to view larger
Common Coot with its Young - 16x20 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MetroCity - Mumbai Coastline

It always amazes me - tall buildings right next to ocean... This is an attempt to capture Mumbai coastline from a distance.
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MetroCity - Mumbai Coastline - 8x10 inches, Oil on Canvas panel
Did you like it?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dog Portrait

This is what I first learnt in Meet the Masters in Feb 2012, then taught a 4th grade class. Meet the Masters program is about teaching kids in elementary school about different famous artists and teaching different styles in art. This month's artist was Rosa Bonheur. She was famous for painting realistc Animals. So the assignment was to teach kids - how to paint realistic Dog portrait. It was fun doing this exercise and then teaching the kids!
click on image to view larger
Dog Portrait - 9 x 9 inches, Oil Pastels on Construction paper
This dog portrait is painted using oil pastels (all in about 45 mins). Teaching the kids took me about hour and half to get all their work completed. The emphasis for this project was to teach mirror drawing technique while adding texture, symmetry and details, so that the dog appears realistic.
The drawing was done using a guiding template provided to each student and painting by imagination. My dog came out with a sad and worried expression. nevertheless I enjoyed this exercise.
This is my first dog portrait and next time I look forward to painting a dog portrait using oil paints and a real dog picture reference.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beach, The People and some Fresh Air

A walk on the beach, that ocean breeze is always refreshing. And when you meet your friends there, it could be all the more fun. You come back home light hearted!
I have been trying to get a crowd of people on the beach for some time. Here is another attempt...
Hope you like it!
click on the image to view larger
The Beach, The People and some Fresh Air - 8x10 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel

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