Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pigeon Friends resting on a cool spot...

This picture of pigeon friends is from Wetcanvas forum, its my first attempt to try out picture from this forum. I liked these pigeons because it reminds me of home in New Delhi. There is a room with a window Air Conditioning (AC) box. The AC box is outside of the window.... I am in deep sleep in the early morning hours. Suddenly loud noise...TAK..TAK..TAK..TAK...THUD...TAK..TAK...THUD...then... guturrr... goon... guturrr... goon...(sound continues for a little while)... My heart pounds initially with this loud noise. But now I am wide awake and realize that its the Pigeon friends doing their morning conference. They have landed outside on our AC box. The TAK..TAK sound was their wings flapping as they land on the AC box. Then guturrr... goon... guturrr... goon... is when they start talking to each other :)  This used to be my morning wake up routine for long time and that time these pigeons were so irritating. But now it as been many years since and I really enjoyed these two pigeon friends resting on a cool spot.    
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11x14 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel

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