Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Playful Prints - SOLD

We go to the beach, for us the Pacific Ocean is the closest. But almost all the year round the water is very very cold - ice cold. Even the idea of dipping the feet in the waves gives a very cold feeling. But still looking at the magnificent ocean, the rythmic sound of waves, the fresh open breeze... how can one come back without experiencing the waters - at least by getting the feet wet in that chilly waters of the ocean !? This is the moment I wanted to capture in my painting... waiting for the first wave to hit on your feet, but at the same time moving a bit backwards as the wave is approaching. There is an excitement in that freezing cold feeling and once the first wave hits, it becomes a play to move forward in the sand as the wave leaves... and then move backwards as the wave comes again. Look down at your feet, and there is a pattern of your own footprints - very interesting.

click the image to view larger
The Playful Prints - 11 x 14 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel


  1. It is a nice painting and considering how you explained your thoughts on it, I would call it "The playful prints"!

  2. Padmaja, I like it! I will make it a title now. Thanks always for your support and encouragement! Hope you settled in the new place.

  3. loved ur work... u hav an amazing collection dat inspire me...


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