Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wild Rose of the Canadian Rockies - NFS

Friends, I have not been on top of this blog for a while, got busy in packing / unpacking and moving to a new home! So belated ... Happy New Year!
As I was searching for a subject to paint, I found a book I had purchased during our vacation in Canadian Rockies. Browsing through the pages brought me back the memories of nature hikes, that pure water in the lakes, glaciers, those majestic mountain goats etc. During the hikes, this wild rose was seen very commonly all over the place. I liked this pink rose, but there were white and light pink wild roses too. Also I noticed, all these wild roses, be it any color, had exactly 5 petals ! They don't grow very tall, at the max they come upto our knee. Looking at them while walking feels like they have their arms wide open, as if welcoming you to enjoy the nature in its purest form.
Hope you enjoy this proudy standing wild rose !

Not for sale


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