Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peacock Feather - NFS

I am facinated by the beauty of Peacock feathers. This is just how I saw the feather using the oil pastel colors !
This is available as Notecard or Greeting Card on the link:

Not for sale


  1. Very beautiful.. I am also very much fascinated by the peacock features..

  2. Me too! For the next one, I have few peacock pictures. I will try one of them to see how it comes out. Thx for your nice comment!

  3. Very Beautiful Painting Prerena!The beautiful colours of nature adorning the head of my favourite Lord Krishna, and to bring them out on canvas as they are! really great ! keep it up and may God bless you!
    Kalpana Muzumdar

  4. Thx. Kalpana. Krishna's my favourite too...


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