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Project Demos taught in Classes:

Below are some samples done by kids from the watercolor sessions. Enjoy!!


Kids Watercolor Class - January 20th, 2013

Time flies... First is Valentines Day and then better hurry up... get ready for Spring!

Red Tulips inspired by Valentines Day coming up!
The lesson here was mixing different kinds of greens so that each leaf looks distinct and shaded.


Spring Flowers:
The lesson in this project is - negative painting technique. The fun part was to use a dropper to drop the brown center part of the flower with a SPLASH! Then imagine flower petals and paint around them instead of painting inside the petals first (negative painting).

Yellow Cup:
Yellow is the color inspired by spring. I came up with this painting by placing a yellow cup on the kitchen counter with a red cloth placed under it. The light from the window lighted the cup and created interesting shadow.. The objective in this lesson was to learn how to make objects look 3-D or real by painting shadows.


Kids Watercolor Class - October 14th, 2012

The theme for this session was greeting cards. The 9x12 inches watercolor paper was used, folded in half.
The last Snowman project was done on 9x12 inches watercolor paper. Below are few samples:

Happy Halloween Greeting Card:


Happy Holidays Greeting Card:

Snowman Landscape:

Kids Watercolor Class - August 26th, 2012

They were taught basic techniques like - wet in wet, lifting etc. and concept of how to make objects look 3D. These techniques were used in following projects.

Strawberry Project - Students made Strawberry on 2 different papers using variations of same color. Then cut one paper into horizontal stripes and the second paper into vertical stripes. After weaving together it gave following effect:

Strawberry Project - Appru
Strawberry Project - Lauryn
Strawberry Project - Diya
Sunset Landscape: As you can see they all had fun with this project. All of these are on 9x12 inches watercolor paper.  
Sunset - Appru

Sunset - Avani
Sunset - Lauryn

Sunset - Diya

Kids Watercolor Class - June 24th, 2012

Project 1: Exploring Watercolors - this was the very first class and it was an introduction to warm colors, cool colors, mixing colors. Here are few samples from students:


Project 2: Cubist Style Lilies - this lesson was for introducing cubist style and how to take photograph and convert it into Cubist style. Student sample below:


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