Friday, April 13, 2012

A Chat in the Flea Market

In the morning it was a cloudy day, but by afternoon it became bright and sunny. I knew I would enjoy my visit to the Jamestown Village Vintage Fleamarket in Old Town Tustin. It is the joy of strolling alone in such places. I throughly enjoyed window shopping the antique shops and walking around among the people in the flea market. It seemed that these people in my painting met after a long time, had lots to catch up and had a gr8 time chatting!

Hope you all enjoy the painting!

click on image to view larger
A Chat in the Flea Market - 16x20 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel


  1. A suggestive and a very expressionistic painting, you caught the mood of the place so well!

  2. I really like this painting Prerana. You've created a beautiful composition. I've always intended to visit the Tustin flea market but I always seem to forget.

    Are you entering this into the "Scenes of Tustin" show? Hopefully I'll see you at the opening.

  3. Thanks Padmaja.
    Thanks Nancy. Yes I am going to enter this one into Scenes of Tustin show. See you at the opening.


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