Saturday, June 5, 2010

Church n Fall Colors - SOLD

It might seem really odd that in the middle of summer I came up with this fall color landscape, hmmm....  I had started this one during the first painting workshop I had attended couple of years ago. Since then it was lying around unfinished. Yes! finally... I am very happy that I got done with this :)
This landscape reminds me of my time living in Minden, Germany. It was a very similar setting. In the fall season, I went for long walks with my host family (the Klaus Kettig & family) in this wilderness. Enjoying nature, collecting nuts and listening to German conversations. Good Times!

Church n Fall Colors - 16 x 20 inches on Gallery Wrapped Canvas



  1. Nice one. You gaze at the picture at somw time and then you must feel that you should climb the castle (manora) and see the colours around.

  2. Neat work, Prerana...I also loved the architecture you have captured here..i am too bad at any architecture...


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