Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Painting Lessons - August 13 to 23, 2010

This summer vacation I had decided to take painting lessons in India. I had already decided the teacher ahead of time - Mr R. D. Dixit. But the real excitement started only after I reached Pune and met him the first time. There was very little time on hand - just 10 days! and the agenda was Landscape, Still Lfe and Portrait. We decided to start with landscape.
My teacher got me a book of landscape paintings by a German Artist to learn the techniques. The first landscape painting was about 70% demo by my teacher and the rest was done by me following the instructions.
The second Landscape was done as my homework and completly done by me (except the few final highlights advised by my teacher). Due to time constraints I we could not follow the same model i.e one painting as demo and the second as homework.
The third painting was chosen as still life (the one with sunflowers). It was done together - teacher demo, instruction and homework :)
The fourth one, a portrait of a tribal woman is double the size of rest of the paintings. The sketching was my homework - learnt a lot! Painting the picture was again teacher demo, instruction and homework. Most of the face was demo-ed and the rest completed by me. Final pass and touches were back seat instructions from the teacher.
The fifth one I chose as a face, since I wanted to learn it. Could not complete it but it was a result of the last days session. After which I had to travel back!
Following was the outcome of the 10 day session - I throughly enjoyed and learnt a lot. Now the challenge is to keep practicing and improve to keep up to the level I reached.

Click on slideshow to view enlarged in picasa....


  1. they are really beautiful, gr8 work !!

  2. thanx prerna,people like you really inspire me. as im just starting my journey in this field & getting feed backs from artistic people like you is much appreciated.
    i've been following ur blog fr qyt sum time,& really found ur candles v pretty....

  3. Very Beautiful and candles are also very nice


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