Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the Color Intensive Workshop in January 2011

Here I am happy to post my studies from the Susan Sarback's Color Intensive Workshop in Jan 21st to 27th. These were some exercises I completed in "full color seeing".

First - Study of a Red block placed under light:
Stage 2 - Red Block Study

Second - This is a Study of an Orange

Orange Set up

Orange Stage 1
Orange Stage 4

Third - Study of an Apple

Apple - Stage 2

Apple - Stage 4

Here are my finished Orange and Apple:

Finished Orange and Apple

Fourth - Study of Bottles and a Pear:

Bottles and a Pear Set up

Bottles and a Pear Stage 1

Bottles and a Pear - Stage 4 - Finished Painting
Fifth - Study of Flower in a Vase:

Flower in a Vase - Stage 2


  1. YOu did such a good job on these. I have never taken any classes but looking at these makes me want to. Nice job.

  2. Nice work Prerana,I like the Orange and Apple.


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