Monday, July 8, 2013

Whimsy Hat

Care to try this Whimsical Hat? The photo reference is from one of the weekly challenges on Wetcanvas online artist community. This was very unique and interesting hat and so I had saved it for painting. I change the original picture as per my interpretation i.e I may sometimes crop the original pictue to create an interesting composition or I may change the shapes a bit or change colors as per my liking. In this case slightly cropped and also added some of my own colors, you can compare by looking at the original photo reference also posted below. Also I have 2 different versions of the picture, the first one is taken in daylight and the second one in studio light.
click on image to view larger
Whimsy Hat, 11x14 inches Oil on Canvas Panel. Picture taken in daylight
click on image to view larger 
Whimsy Hat, 11x14 inches Oil on Canvas Panel, Picture taken in studio light

Original Photo Reference: Wetcanvas

Original Photo reference from weekly challenge on Wetcanvas.

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