Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Strawberry Bloom - SOLD

In our backyard there was a very small plant of Strawberry and the gardner cleaned the rest. Between spring and now the whole empty patch is covered with this plant and it even has mini strawberries! Few plants still have such blooms and that inspired me to paint this on one of my mini canvas. This is #3 in the itty bitty series of paintings. It can be displayed on a mini canvas on a small easel or can be used as a christmas ornament!
Let me know how you like it.

Wild Strawberry Blossom - 3x3 inches, oil on canvas
Contact me if you would like to have one of these. The other 2 in this series are:
Pansy - 3x3 inches, Oil on Canvas

Tulip - Pink or Purple - 3x3 inches, Oil on Canvas


  1. A fabulous idea to use them as Christmas ornaments,,Prerana, keep going!


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