Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dancing Ganesha - SOLD

Painting a Ganesha has been on my mind since last few months. Finally I finished it today!! It is little different than my usual style and medium. It is painted in Acrylics and not quite impressionist style.
It is interesting how I came up with this dancing pose. I love dance and saw multiple images of Dance poses to figure out what best pose will fit my Ganesha. After having shortlisted couple of poses, I sketched on paper first in very small scale to get the proportions right. Once I finalized the pose and the best fitting Ganesha, I sketched it to a small scale on drawing paper once again, so that it would be easy to transfer to the bigger size hardboard. This project has been moving very slow about 2 months, on and off as time permitted. Finally, it is DONE!! It feels accomplished!
click on image to view larger
Dancing Ganesha - 24 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Hardboard - SOLD
Here it is installed in a beautiful niche:

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