Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exotic Pink Plumeria

Flowers are my favorite for painting and this exotic Pink Plumeria caught my attention while browsing through reference pictures for painting. I liked the play of light and shadow on the flower. In my painting I tried to paint this light and shadow on the flower.
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Exotic Pink Plumeria - 7 x 11 inches, Watercolor on Arches paper

Code# PK_15_043

Available Here

In different cultures, there is different symbolic meaning for Plumeria flowers and it was interesting to read from ehow:

Hawaiian Meaning
For Hawaiians, plumeria represents perfection and the bond between everything good. In addition, plumeria is the symbol of new life, springtime and re-creation of the nature.

Chinese Meaning
In China, plumeria flowers are tokens of love. Chinese consider plumerias even more precious than orchids.

Hindu Meaning
In Hindu culture, plumeria flowers represent loyalty, and young brides wear plumerias in their hair on their wedding day to show their loyalty to their new husbands.

Vietnamese Meaning
In Vietnam, plumeria is the flower of the educated and westernized upper class. Therefore, plumeria flowers are used to show status in society.

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