Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Diwali to Everyone!!

Happy Diwali!! This is a different painting experiment!! Finished this couple months back. Posting it now, since the Diwali-e-magazine with this painting as front cover is published. The theme given to me was Diwali - Saat Samudra Paar (meaning Diwali Overseas). It got me to thinking how do we really celebrate Diwali here? The celebrations in India are really a lot festive. Here, kids don't have holiday for this festival so celebration cannot be the same as in India. However, I do make few traditional sweets/snacks, decorate with lamps/candles and put on traditional clothes. With the few fire crackers that I save from July 4th weekend, we have "mini" fun in our backyard. Call our parents on facetime to greet them and show what we are doing for Diwali. With these thoughts in mind, I created the painting. My very first attempt to get published in a Magazine!!

Click Here to enjoy reading the e-Magazine!
click on image to view larger
Diwali_2015 - 11x14 inches, Acrylic on Canvas Panel


  1. How exciting to have your lovely painting on the cover. Happy Diwali!

  2. Very beautiful thoughts and painting Prerana!

    1. Thanks Padmaja. It was a challenge, since I usually do different style of painting. But if was fun to do.

  3. It's a really a cute painting & suitable to the theme Prerana..


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