Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year !!

It has been quite sometime I have not posted anything on this blog....

The month of November was very busy - Diwali celebrations, Anushka and Avani's Birthday etc.
Then in December came Anushka's Kathak Showcase, and as you all know, with it comes driving back and forth for practices. I did manage to paint few candles and I then updated just the slide show. The best part in December 2008 was the trip to Richmond, Virginia to Nandu and Deepali's house. The last 2 weeks of December was full of fun and a very good family reunion. Lots of good food, play, Munj, walks in chilled outdoors, chit chat, Table Tennis Tournament being few highlights.

The New Year arrived and the best news of all for me was that Prashant got a local project and will be in town at least for sometime. We are getting used to this new routine after quite a few years. In all of this I haven't really started off any of my projects. But I certainly have something that I can pull out of my hat -
*** A New Year's Greeting card ***

And Guess What, some history about this card.....
I have painted this 28 years ago in Nasik at Mai Atya's house during summer vacation. It might not be the greatest piece of art but still pretty good considering that I had not taken any formal classes for learning to paint. More than anything else, hats off to Manjiree, really appreciate her efforts for saving this. She scanned this and sent it to me last year during Diwali.

And finally concluding with:

Life Is Beautiful

Life is chugging along as beautifully as it can be,

New friends to make,
Old (bad) habits to break,
New Challenges to take.

As breathtaking views and moments are passing by….
Suddenly there might be a dark tunnel or two,
But be assured - there is LIGHT at the end of each tunnel too !!

Life is Love, Life is Joy,
If only you can learn to let go and Enjoy.

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