Friday, April 10, 2009

My latest Handpainted Candles - custom

Dearest Friends and Family,

Here is something that will brighten up your day !! Enjoy...

Love you all, Prerana.
You can click on the picture to see enlarged photo. Also I will appreciate any feedback and comments.

I can make for you with custom design, contact me
Wedding Unity Candle Set


  1. I really loved all the candles :-)

    Wish I had a couple of those!!

    Nice work :-)

  2. Hi Prerana,

    It was almost like meeting you after a long time. Did not knew about your candles passion! Also the old greeting really looks great.

    Good to know that Prashant will be with you now.

    Keep blogging!!

    Avinash & Gauri

  3. Hi Di,
    Amazing candles! (That include the slide show too!)You really have quite a neat blog! I'm a pretty new and irregular entrant to blogging, but this is sure an interesting tool!


  4. Thanks Ro, BTW your choice of template is same as mine - matching-matching!


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