Monday, February 17, 2014

Rainy Dark Night on El Toro Rd - SOLD

I had in mind for a long time to do a night scene and that too when it is raining. Last time when I had the urge to click a picture of such a scene,  about an year ago, I did not have my camera on hand. About couple weeks ago, as I was returning back from the First Thursday Art walk from Laguna Beach, I got a perfect opportunity to click pictures. It was dark and rainy, but I was driving. I pulled out my camera from my purse, and clicked many many pictures while driving. After coming back home, I uploaded all pictures on my laptop and sorted through until I found the best picture I wanted to paint. Here is the result:
click on image to view larger
Rainy Dark Night on El Toro Rd - 11 x 14 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
This picture is clicked as I was slowing down at the signal at the intersection of El Toro Road and Rockfield.


  1. Very nice.. I can feel the situation :) Rains in all seasons are beautiful. I wish I lived close by .. so I could come and see all your pictures and start taking lessons. Love, Gauri

    1. Thanks Gauri! Yes, you should come to this side of the world!


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