Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Colors - SOLD

Fall colors have always fascinated me. Now equipped with new watercolor paints (Maimeriblu professional watercolors), new watercolor brushes, an awesome new palette and masking fluid, I had the urge to try out couple different techniques. The techniques used in this are - masking and spreading salt. Below is the result:
Fall Colors - 9 x 12 inches, Watercolor on Archies paper
Masking: the very bright areas in the painting were covered with masking fluid. At the very end, the masking was removed. On few areas I left the white of the paper as it is and that is the brightest in the painting. I did cover few areas with very watery paint so it doesn't appear as bright.
Salt: I used the simple cooking salt in few areas to create a texture. Different salts create fine or coarse texture and it also depends how wet the paper is when salt is sprinkled. In this case I got a fine texture. Next time I will try a different salt.
I had so much fun and reminded me of the silk painting techniques which are quite similar to watercolor painting techniques. 

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  1. Having fun when you paint is just the best , and it shows here ! So much freedom and happy colors , great job !


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